To accompany our Placemaking Kits and to support the development of meaningful activations across Auckland, this page is a living list of advice, links and information covering the whole process we follow in the kits. Got something you’d like to see here or contribute to? Let us know!


Placemaking Kit Downloadable Resources

Available here for you to freely download and print are each of the decks of cards used in the Tāmaki Makaurau Community Placemaking Kits. They have been set up to be easily printed double-sided on A4 paper or cardstock in colour or black & white.

Lens Cards

This deck of Lens cards offer a diverse range of considerations when thinking about public spaces. They can be used in a variety of ways to prompt thinking from different viewpoints on how to make spaces better for everyone.

Placemaking Cards

This deck of Placemaking cards contains information cards about placemaking terms and definitions, examples of placemaking activations and diverse case studies from placemakers from across Tāmaki Makaurau. They can be used to help get a deeper understanding of placemaking and inspire through examples of great work that has been done before.

Great Place Cards

This deck of Great Place cards come from the Project For Public Spaces ( 'The Place Diagram' which outlines all of the qualities that make a great place. They can be used in a variety of ways to assess what might be missing in a space and how it can be made great.

Ideation Cards

This deck of Ideation cards are designed to help make ideas better by stretching the boundaries of the thinking process. They can be used in a variety of ways to test ideas and trends of thinking to help make any idea the best it can be.

Activity cards

This deck of Activity cards can be used with the Placemaking, Lens, Ideation and Great Place cards to help come up with and improve ideas for meaningful placemaking activations. They include an overview card to help you jump straight in.

Helpful links

Community Recycling Centres

Community recycling centers have lots of great bits and bobs you can pick up for a small fee.

Food Sharing

Think about natural resources: Harakeke for mats and baskets, shells for decoration, excess fruit and veges to give away, flowers to add a pop of colour. Be sure to take in moderation. If you don’t have your own produce to give away, check out this food sharing resource article.


Freecycle pages lists many free resources and you can also request items.


Resene offers free paint to community groups that apply through their website.

Placemaking Week facebook Group

Use the PMW Facebook group, the PMW team will be posting up any resources they hear about but don't be shy about posting things you need or have to share.


Check out and post on Neighbourly or your local area community Facebook pages.


Ecomatters have a great adopt-a-resource program connecting community groups with waste from local businesses, they have pallets, buckets and heaps more.


Sourcing materials

Use what you have at home,  we all have a stash of old camping chairs, pot plants or timber lying around, use this as a great excuse to clean out your shed and cupboards.

Talk to your local community centres and schools, they often have furniture and gazebos you can borrow, my local community center in Pt Chev sourced a smoothie bike for an event I ran recently.

Borrow from your neighbours, John from number 45 has that great bench seat he doesn’t use much.

Cruise your neighbourhood, although (sadly!)  the inorganics collections isn’t happening anymore, there is still lots of stuff left out on berms: cardboard boxes, furniture, crates and pallets from shops.