PLACEMAKING WEEK TĀMAKI MAKAURAU sees a series of community-led activations happening in public spaces across Auckland from 11TH to 20TH October 2019. It’s also about growing local capacity for placemaking and helping people who are interested in placemaking connect.

This is the second time Placemaking Week has happened in Tāmaki Makaurau. The idea is to have a week based on Project for Public Spaces’ LIGHTER, QUICKER CHEAPER (LQC) principles that is focused on placemaking in ways that matter to local people, involve them and are fun!

LQC placemaking can look like a whole lot of different things – it could be something like giant hopscotch along the paths in your local park, kite making and flying, a poetry slam, or front porch concerts. It also might last a little longer, e.g. a bee friendly planting on your berm, a little library, community pantry, a sharing table for excess produce… the ideas are limitless!

These activations do not have to be large. They may be for you and your neighbours, or the people who come to your local park, school or shops. If however big is your thing, that is fine too! We can help support you to promote what you do so get in touch


Placemaking Week is a great opportunity to showcase and add to the great work that is currently happening across the city. It also helps foster local conversations about the future of our places and how local people can shape them. And it helps build a community of placemakers across the city who want to make Tāmaki Makaurau a better place to live.

The team at Placemaking Week Tāmaki Makaurau is here to support local placemakers to create an activation during Placemaking Week. We do this through our Community Placemaking Kit, by linking placemakers together, helping find resources and by hosting workshops and events to support development of skills and connections of those involved, as well as providing a listing of the activations we know that are happening.

You can get involved in a number of ways:

Placemaking Week Tāmaki Makaurau is produced by Catalyse NetworkFresh ConceptThe Open Fort, NativebyNature and Pānuku in conjunction with Project for Public Spaces. It’s still in its infancy and we’ll be learning as we go so we can do it even better next year!

To find out more about placemaking, check out our Resources Page.

To keep up to date about Placemaking Week follow us on FB and Instagram.


Placemaking by night

At least six activations across the city during Placemaking Week will happen under the cover of darkness. What they will actually be, well, who knows! They will be developed as part of the workshops and supported with a small materials budget.

Joining a team

If you are looking for people to join your team, let us know a bit about what you are doing and why, as well as how you’d like people to contribute. We’ll post your request on our Facebook page and group

If you are looking to contribute to a team, contact us and share what you have to offer (time, skills, resources etc). We’ll post your offer on our Facebook page and group.

Placemaking Interviews

We have gotten in contact with some of our favourite local Placemakers and created some videos of them talking about their projects and process.

Place Leaders

Place Leaders are people who take responsibility for a Community Placemaking Kit.  They commit to making at least one activation happen in Placemaking Week. They also promote Placemaking Week in their networks, make their kit available to others who want to use it to develop a placemaking Week activation, and may co-host a workshop. 

Local Case Studies

Click here for some local examples of Placemaking in Tāmaki Makaurau.