Workshops! Resources! $$!

Paris has been out there running workshops using the Placemaking Kits and the ideas people are coming up with are awesome! If you would like to borrow a placemaking Kit to refine your PMW19 ideas head to the website and connect with a Place Leader near you or get in touch with one of the team.


We know loads of placemaking goes on around the city all the time and are keen to showcase activations done specially for Placemaking week or something that is happening anyway - regular, one off, temporary, permanent… so please put your activations on the map! Let’s showcase a week of placemaking in all its shapes and sizes and make our neighbourhoods more like the places we want them to be!

Don’t forget to ask for help and resources too. John from Fresh Concept has kindly offered to facilitate access to some of the things they use to make great places. Talk with him to find out more…

Also check out some of the helpful links and information for Placemaking resources on the website too.

Oh, and we have 5*$200 to give away to buy materials to do some placemaking by night during placemaking week… send us your ideas, where the activation will take place, and what you will spend the money on by Sunday 6th October and we will do a draw on Monday to give 5 activations a financial boost !

Your Placemaking by Night activation must take place between 11th - 20th October and the Place Leader needs to commit to capturing the moment to share with others.

Jason Dodunski